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Welcome to the Mentoring Platform for Central Asia. Our project is a community which intends to close the mentoring gap of startups in the region. Mentors help startups grow faster and more efficiently. Register and discover all the features of the platform.

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New mentors on the platform

Shachi Patel

SETU Coaching & Consulting, Founder | Leadership and Development Coach


  • Project management
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Nancy Hendrickson

Supporting environmental compliance and planning projects across the United States, Manager


  • Marketing
  • Project management
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JeanJoseph Bellamy

Association Bois de Feu, co-manager


  • Water conservation technologies
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Overview of the Mentoring Platform

  1. Register. Participants (startups) and mentors create their profiles and gain access to a personal account on the platform.
  2. Tell us more about yourself/ your startup. Indicate your professional skills, describe the startup you are working on. Which markets are you interested in? In what areas can you provide advice? A detailed description will help us better choose mentors at the request of startups.
  3. Don’t ignore the code of conduct. Before starting your engagement, it is useful to give it a read and outline the framework of your activity within the platform to avoid any further confusion or violations of the ethics and personal space of mentors.
  4. Your personal space. After registration, you will have a personal account where your mentoring sessions, invitations to events, access to closed webinars, and much more will be displayed.
  5. Request. It is important to note that a startup does not directly contact a mentor. The startup selects the mentor and makes a request that will be considered by the platform coordinator, and only then sent to the mentor. In the request, you need to describe the project, your goals for the mentor session, what questions you want to ask the mentor, and why this particular mentor is of interest to you for consultations. Individual mentoring sessions can be held both online (Zoom, Google Meet) and offline (personal meeting).
  1. Mentoring platform coordinator - is a liaison between a startup and a mentor. The coordinator reviews the initial request from the startup to the mentor for adequacy and compatibility with the profile of the mentor, but the approval or refusal of the mentor session depends on the consent of the mentor.
  2. How to work. Mentor assists and directs the conversation by giving out questions and topics to elaborate on. Mentee is expected to fulfill the tasks and answer the questions put forward by the mentor. However, both parties can form the agenda.
  3. A-day-prior rule. Tasks should be fulfilled and displayed on the platform one day prior to the meeting so that there would be enough time to review them and come up with feedback.
  4. No limitations on time, format or number of sessions. In terms of the form of interaction, time, and date of the sessions parties are welcomed to choose any convenient ones (taking into account the difference in time zones).
  5. Set goals. Before each mentor session, set goals (what result do you want to get). It is also important to keep a record of all mentoring sessions on the platform in order to track dynamics and performance.
  6. Assess. As we want this ecosystem to be improved and developed further, we need your objective assessment of the interaction. They could be both public and private.
  7. Rating. Based on the quality and number of mentor sessions, we will introduce a rating system and special statuses for mentors.

Upcoming Events

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15 Aug
Mock Sales interactive session for startups

On Saturday, an interactive session in the new Mock Sales format will be organized for startups of C.A.T. Science Accelerator and startups of the international competition ClimateLaunchpad Uzbekistan with the support of the Central Asian Mentoring Platform.

07 Aug
The Central Asian Mentoring Platform and the Go Viral festival are conducting a joint mentoring session.

Session mentors:

Elena Selezneva - Director of the StartupFactory accelerator, coordinator of the international Technovation Girls program in Uzbekistan.

Saida Yusupova -  the founder of Green Business Innovation, which deals with climate and environmentally friendly technologies, coordinator of Technovation Girls in Uzbekistan.

04 Jun
Funding for startups. Experience of Kazakhstan. Speakers - Diana Tsoi and Malika Zhanibek

A special session on financing startups is to be held for our accelerator teams today at 15:00. All interested are welcomed to join the broadcast.

14 May
Third webinar with Erin Keeley

The third webinar with Erin Keeley is going to be held for C.A.T. Science Accelerator teams this Saturday at 21:00.

Feedback from platform participants

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Answers to frequently asked questions about the Mentoring Platform

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Our project is a community which intends to close the mentoring gap of startups in the region. The mission of our mentoring platform is to develop and promote a mentoring culture in Uzbekistan and Central Asia as a whole. It is expected to evolve into a mentoring community in our region. Startups in the Central Asian region will gain access to mentors from Silicon Valley, Germany, the UK, other European countries and the CIS countries.

A mentor is partly a coach, leader, advisor, counselor, teacher, guide, and friend but none of these alone or completely. Mentoring Platform for Central Asia is designed to help the mentor give the mentee a taste of the real experience in the field they've chosen and help get on the path to it.  

See About for a written description or check out this video!

The platform doesn’t limit you and suggests certain amount of time. However, there is a-day-prior rule: tasks should be fulfilled and displayed on the platform one day prior to the meeting so that there would be enough time to review them and come up with feedback. Keeping the rule in mind, you might allocate appropriate amount of time.

You will likely gain knowledge, skills, and tips about challenges you face in your startup or future career.  Hopefully, your mentor's advice and perspectives will increase your self-confidence and support your success.  Mentoring Platform for Central Asia will also provide you with the ability to develop a personal network of professional contacts through online and offline events.

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29 Oct
Train the Mentor joint programme with enpact (Germany)

Tech4Impact in collaboration with enpact is launching their first joint project as part of a manifold partnership with the aim to foster the mentoring community in Uzbekistan, in particular in the Cleantech sector.

26 Oct
We welcome the new mentor of the Central Asian Mentor Platform - Shachi Patel

Shachi is an expert in leadership programs and leadership development and runs her own consulting company, her client base made up mainly of employees and executives of many prominent Silicon Valley companies. She’s worked for such large companies as Yahoo, NVIDIA, and UPLIFT.

28 Aug
Новый ментор нашей платформы — Jean-Joseph Bellamy. 

Жан-Жозеф участвовал в проектах по изменению климата,  устойчивому управлению земельными ресурсами и биоразнообразию в 50 странах мира. 

27 Aug
We welcome the new mentor of the Central Asian Mentoring Platform - Zhyldyz Abdurakhmanova!

Jyldyz is sustainable development and energy professional with over 12 years of experience in the Central Asian and CIS markets.