Our Mission

By creating a professional mentoring community in Central Asia, we want to contribute to the development and strengthening of the startup ecosystem. We believe that mentoring contributes to the development of technological entrepreneurship, positive cooperation and brings mutual benefits and experience for all parties. Our mission of creating a mentoring platform is based on the following priorities:

Being a continuous learner. One hallmark of successful entrepreneurs is to learn continuously throughout their lives. Our platform, as a two-way street, creates a space for mutual exchange of knowledge and learning.

Professional experiences. By sharing authentic experiences, we give a compass to those who are in need of direction, purpose and clear vision. Your experience will serve as a navigation system for those who are just entering the field of entrepreneurship.

Embracing change. Thanks to mentor relations, it becomes easy to embrace changes and leave the notorious comfort zone. We believe that any changes should be treated with a certain degree of curiosity and more questions. Embracing change is a lot easier when you have mentor support.

Being connected. Mentoring means creating positive relationships that will benefit not only you, but also another person. As part of our platform, we will help you establish new professional contacts.

Focus on goals and results. Mentoring should always lead to a tangible and achievable goals and results. Define what you want to get from the mentor sessions, and discuss your goals before starting to work with the mentor.