About Central Asia Mentoring Platform

The mission of our mentoring platform is to develop and promote a mentoring culture in Uzbekistan and Central Asia as a whole. It is expected to evolve into a mentoring community in our region. Startups in the Central Asian region will gain access to mentors from Silicon Valley, Germany, the UK, other European countries and the CIS countries.

By connecting experts with startups, we create more chances for projects and ideas to become reality and develop. Each member of our platform is guided by shared values ​​and the quest for development.

Mentoring Platform for Central Asian initiated by Tech4Impact NGO.

The concept of our platform has four main principles:

  • The ability and willingness to share is the basic idea of ​​mentoring. Mentors show startups both successes and mistakes, ups and downs in an objective light.
  • Critical thinking and listening skills. It is important for startups to be able to accept constructive criticism and respect the time of the mentor, and - for mentors to listen, and not talk only about themselves.
  • Empowerment and new projects. The mentoring process can serve as a breath of fresh air for both a startup and a mentor. We will be happy if the mentor joins the startup team, invests in a project or sees the potential of a new market.
  • Development of both a startup and a mentor. Even if the project does not “take off”, any experience is wholesome and will serve as a stepping stone to future successful projects.


Mentoring is becoming an important factor in business’ success around the world, because mentors help startups overcome the setbacks that entrepreneurs typically face in the early stages of their company’s development. Each of us had a mentor in business, so maybe it's a high time to become one for the next generation of entrepreneurs?

To become a mentor means to discover your professional self on a different level. Mentors develop their leadership and communication skills, expand the network of professional contacts and start new joint projects. Mentors share knowledge and experience, become role models for young entrepreneurs.

Join our community of mentors! We will conduct online and offline events, invite the best speakers, share experiences, and look for promising startups.



We see mentorship opportunity as a critical variable of startup’s success as it means having an extra pair of eyes on the issue.

Registered Startups on our platform will have the opportunity to establish contacts with mentors that are difficult or impossible to meet at events in your city. You can get valuable advice and recommendations, new contacts, explore new prospects for your business, improve your project. After all, learning is always better from someone who has already passed this road.

One of the main things that we draw attention of startups to is to respect the time of mentors and not to address questions that Google can find the answers to. It is better to avoid platitudes as “how to achieve success” and get down to business. We ask you to prepare for mentoring sessions, this is an indicator of your maturity as an entrepreneur.